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    倍藍科技是一家專注于運動康復產品設計,研發,制造的公司。公司在中低頻治療儀,肌肉電刺激儀開發上積累了多年的技術和產品。服務客戶包括中國最大的保健品公司和世界五百強企業。Balanx 電脈沖訓練套裝是我們團隊近兩年的研究成果,該設備可以做為傳統運動項目的“輔助增強設備",有效提高代謝率和訓練效果。

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    Shenzhen Beilan Technology CO., LTD is a company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of sports and rehabilitation products. The company has accumulated many years of technology and products in the development of low frequency therapeutic devices, intermediate frequency therapeutic devices, muscle electrical stimulators, motion recognition AI algorithms, and smart phone APP terminals. Customers include China's largest health care products company and the world's top 500 companies. Balanx EMS training suits is our effort for last 2 years, It can be used as an “auxiliary enhancement device” for traditional sports, effectively improving the metabolic rate and training effect, and achieving the purpose of fitness and shaping.