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    高科技運動時尚品牌,“MORPH”寓意蛻變。 以未來光能稀缺危機為靈感,將專業的運動功能,時尚前衛的設計與尖端工藝融合,為用戶帶來極致體驗。 每款MOPRH產品含有溫感變色,紫外線變色或液體變色等專利納米技術,隨你而變。 致力于打造有靈魂的產品和值得永記的體驗。

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    MORPH is a high tech active wear brand explores the possibility of transformation and intelligence in clothing. Inspired by future crisis of light scarcity, combining professional performance fabrics, high fashion design and meticulous craftsmanship, MORPH brings a whole new experience to fitness enthusiasts! Every piece of MORPH products are integrated with its unique heat colour change, UV colour change or liquid colour change technology. MORPH aims to create soulful products and memorable experiences.