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    OOO Zdorovit

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    BOMBBAR TM 生產的純天然高品質保健食品致力于讓您擁有健康的生活。 我們自己工廠生產過程中不加防腐劑也能夠保存我們產品中的維生素與和礦物質。Bombbar TM的特色優勢就是完全沒有糖,這使產品減少卡路里,并使用高檔蛋白質和有益維生素。

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    Bombbar TM is a Russian brand which produces healthy food of fine quality to allow everyone to start easy steps towards healthy lifestyle! Our careful production makes it possible to produce healthy products keeping the benefit of vitamins and microelements. Sugar free, enriched with high protein and healthy vitamins, Non GMO products are remarkable advantages of Bombbar TM.