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    杭州綠谷橡塑制品有限公司成立于2007年,致力于橡膠地面材料的研發、生產和銷售。公司總部位于浙江省杭州市,生產基地位于安徽省寧國市,主營橡膠地磚、橡膠卷材、橡膠顆粒、膠絲、膠水等產品,占地37畝,年產量超過200萬平方米。產品達到國內外的各項標準,包括CE, ISO, EN, REACH, ROHS

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    Hangzhou Green-Valley Rubber Products Co., Ltd is a very young company. It was established by Jenny Yu in 2007 in Hangzhou, China. With the support of our customers and professional workforce, we have been growing rapidly and have became a leading manufacturer of rubber flooring in China. In the beginning, we only produced 50x50cm rubber tiles for children playgrounds. After received positive feedbacks and reputations, we developed more products like 200x160mm bone shape tiles, 1mx1m tiles, interlocking tiles, etc. In 2009, a new rubber roll production line was put into use. With many times of try out, fails, we got the best recipes, production technology and raw materials. Since then, our rubber rolls had been using widely in both domestic and overseas markets. In 2017, due to the expanding of production capability to meet customers’ demands, we moved our factory to Ningguo city, Anhui province, and we increased machines and production lines. Until now, we have over 30 different sizes & styles rubber flooring products including 50x50cm tiles, brick tiles, equine mats, tactile tiles, rubber rolls, interlocking mats, etc. Based on an factory area of 37 acres, production capacity has reached 2 million square meters per year. All our products are used in: children playgrounds, fitness centers, running tracks, underlayment, municipal projects, parks, patios, sport courts, shooting ranges, etc. All our products pass CE, EN71, EN1177, EN14041, PAHs, REACH, ISO, etc certificates. They are exported to more than 40 countries such as UK, Germany, Finland, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Colombia, etc.. We will keep dedicating to environment protection, developing and providing high quality products to worldwide customers with good quality and delivery assurance.