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    大兵健身器材南通有限公司,坐落于中國的長壽之鄉,如皋市白蒲鎮。公司主要生產啞鈴,杠鈴, 杠鈴片等一系列配重產品,另外還包括墻球,牛角包,能量包,體操墊等縫制件類產品。同時,我們還配備生產車間生產桿子等。 公司一直本著以人為本的態度,擁有自己的研發和設計團隊專注于生產各類運動器材。

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    Dabing Fitness Equipment is a professional manufacture in gym equipment, the mainly products are dumbbell, barbell plate, barbell rods, wall ball, power bag, energy bag and gym mats---etc. Dabing has been in line with the people-oriented attitude, with its own research and development and design team focused on the production of various sports equipment.